Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers and Chocolate

Tigrrl wore an utterly fabulous dress to a fancy Mother's Day luncheon with my MIL. Fabulous. White satin bouffant skirt, pink silk bodice, silk chiffon overskirt. A confection.
Of course, chocolate happened.
I know I am getting better at mothering, because I was amused rather than upset. An even funnier moment: Tigrrrl met up with a couple of other grrrl acquaintances at the luncheon and I noticed that all three of them had chocolate syrup stains on their special, impress-grandma dresses.

Back at chez In Law, I am sitting in the upstairs bathroom with the dress on my lap, patiently sponging the stains with a washcloth and a lot of cold water. As I work I am bemused. Kids, I think, when will she learn, she's so grown up and such a little girl, chcolate on her face.
Bit misty at this point. Sigh. Well, she'll learn eventually.

I feel very, very wise.

Then I notice that I have been sponging the (dark, very dark) chocolate with one of my MIL's monogrammed washcloths.
The white monogrammed washcloths.


  1. Lovely. And I bet MIL was amused as well...

  2. I wouldn't know about wisedom. I'm still working on adolescent angst.

  3. Did I just put a "e" in wisdom? No. Whew! That was my evil twin.

  4. Tee hee. I love how you put things! I would make a witty comment but I can't rise to your occasion :)