Saturday, March 6, 2010

To Peeps With Love

Like Persephone returning to the sunlit world, my beloved Peeps* have arrived. The True Peeps, that is, the chickie Peeps. Christmas trees and pumpkins are just not the same.

My first blue Peeps, and first Peeps of the Peep year.

Peeeeps! Peeeeeep Peeeep Peep Peep! Daffodils soon to follow.

My Peep face impression

[* I was a bit chatty in that post. Scroll way down to Effervescent Moment #2 to experience more Peep love.]
[In the future I think I'll shower and dress before I show my face to the world. Maybe do my hair.]


  1. Impressive. Youngest son loves peeps, I can't bring myself to try it, even with the sweet tooth I have!

  2. oooh, can't do peeps. Too sweet. Just thinking about them makes my teeth ache.

    And please don't start doing your hair! Then I'll feel all alone out here in "no maintenance" land.

  3. Peeps brulee: