Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Crabapple Cove Courier

Couldn't find a photo of him reading the paper.

I read yesterday's paper this morning. I often delay the pleasure because there are only three per week, actually because I often forget what day it is. Anyway.

The choice item yesterday/today (WHATEVER) is this classified notice :

"Epson Printer/Scanner
scanner works great,
printer doesn't work
the greatest, been
told it is something
simple if you know
what to do $40 o.b.o.
[tel #]"

1. After you read it a couple of times, it's like haiku.
2. Small town newspapers rock.
3. Hawkeye would definitely read this one out loud.
4. I bet I could fix it.

{Sip coffee.}

1. Who told him it was something simple?
2. Did anyone proofread this and gently suggest different wording?
3. Will he get more than one offer?
4. What would my $ offer be?

{Sip coffee.}

Sanity, i.e. meds reasserting executive function:
1. I don't need a printer.
2. I would never get around to fixing it.
3. I have plenty of broken stuff already.
4. I'm broke.

Bonus points if you comment in haiku form. This means you, Rae.


  1. Small writing is fun
    with intelligent readers'

  2. Morning in winter -
    broken printer, broken prose.
    Yet shared, they bring life.

  3. I wish my husband's meds would've kicked in before he brought home a FULL SIZE BROKEN OFFICE COPIER one year.

    It was free. We had to pay $35 to get rid of it.

    True. Story.

  4. This has nothing to do with anything at all.