Friday, February 19, 2010

My Valentine

I sat down next to The Him at his desk and asked him to bring up a photo he has on his laptop. (He is very obliging.) As he was tapping away I noticed he was shifting in his chair to block the blast of sunlight pouring over his shoulder from the east-facing window, so that he could see his computer screen.
You have to nip this sort of thing in the bud.
"I am not hanging curtains in that window until you put the casing around it," I responded firmly. I was perfectly pleasant about it.
"I haven't asked you to...did I say anything? I did not even say anything. No, " He protested.
"A good wife..." I started to say --
feeling the faintest twitch in the musculature of his arm, I quickly added, "LIKE ME --anticipates her husband's needs..."
At which point we both leapt on the obvious conclusion like cheetahs on a wildebeest,
"So that she can deny them immediately."
I love this man.


  1. Cosmic oneness, centered on a great punch line. Love it.
    And I really REALLY liked the sentence "I haven't asked you to . . . did I say anything? I did not even say anything. No."

    Pitch perfect. Absolutely pitch perfect. Epic.

  2. There is something so "married" about this scene. I believe it's evidence of the settled syncopation that only occurs after several years of studied effort at meshing two lives.