Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Department of OMG

I think the guy taking notes is one of the Afghanis

A group of Afghani officials are touring South Carolina prisons this week. The visit was arranged "so Afghan officials can see how the state maintains a modern prison system while spending less per inmate than nearly every other state in the country."

"We're going to learn some more, have some more experiences from here, and then we're going to implement it in Afghanistan and use it in our system," Lt. Gen. Amir Muhammed Jamsheed, director of Afghanistan's prison system, said Monday through an interpreter. "South Carolina is an American prison system, but...it's probably somehow similar to the Afghanistan prison system."

Things that almost happened to me when I heard this on the radio:

Grand Mal seizure
Other types of brain explosions
Ruptured aorta
Collapsed lung (s)
Traffic accident

The brain explosions were caused, understandably, by all of the obvious jokes rushing the exits in gleeful abandon.

Two unexpected thoughts:
1. I'm kind of.......proud.
2. The Afghan officials don't seem to be in any danger. (That's progress.)

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  1. Unbelievable! That is quite rich, no? Or poor. However you want to look at it. Yep, only in SC do we spend less on prisoners than the Afghanis. Ima have to go wipe my eye sockets out now.