Monday, September 20, 2010

OCD Friday - Wait, Monday. Is today Monday?

Today's OCD Kodak moment:

My friend Jen gave me 2 lazy Susans. FREE. Marred only by ugly industrial-looking label/stickers around the sides. But FREE.

Three weeks later, (or so) still sitting on my counter, taking up space rather than maximizing it.

37 minutes, one razor blade, half a roll of clear packing tape, slightly bloody fingers later, shelf-ready.

* * * * *

In related news, when Tigrrl went back to school this fall, excuse me SUMMER, as in August 16 this state is insane, I was ready to tackle the housework. NOW I will be able to keep ahead of the curve. Or the tsunami. All those chores beyond the bare minimum that I tend to put off are now going to get done regularly. Efficiently. Without franticness on rare occasions (major holidays). Things will be KEPT NICE. Not real estate open house Nice, but regular nice.

Someone might, say, drop by for coffee -- because I will now cultivate the kind of friendships wherein this is a possibility -- and I will pour them some in a cup that is already clean, and find the sugar bowl without having to clear the counter or the table with a sweeping motion onto the nearest chair, and then pile it all back on the counter so she can sit in the chair...

I think we understand each other.

On the day Tigrrrl went to school, I came home and mopped the kitchen floor. And the downstairs bathroom floor. And it felt good.

Note today's date. Apparently that rush of endorphines cured my sense of purpose.


  1. Ahhh....the organizational endorphin rush. So lovely, and sadly, so fleeting.

    Thanks for your awesome comment on my blog. Never knew about WTFWJD tshirts. Hilarious!

  2. My little K. went from an almost hoarder (the mental signs were there ... "No, I don't want to throw that {tiny scrap of insignificant paper} away 'cause I wrote on it!") to a complete neat-a-holic. Overnight. It was a little scary. As for your free time and the time to keep the house clean and pretty and coffee ready . . . I think I hate you now. I'm going over the edge here. Algebra, chemistry. Did I say algebra? Quadratic equations. Couldn't understand them then or now. I plan to blog on it, but I can't. Or I don't wanna in my deepest heart. Therefore, I must be brave of heart. Put up mine sail and . . . screw it. I don't have the energy to rhyme.