Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ahoy, it's me Meme

Got this blog-tag-meme thingie from Rae --I guess the purpose of these things is random rambling fodder, right? --
The game rules are as follows : Goto photos>goto folder 6>goto photo 6>upload/ramble/post>exe.tag (6)
I am incapable of executing any set of directions (most people who know me would stop me right there) without finding multiple interpretations. This means that I am impressively analytical, or that looking for an out is a reflex. (The search for the Letter of the Law Defense is ingrained.)
Or that I'm pig-headed and contrary.
Or that I'm a youngest child.
So here are two, with their respective rationalizations.

Literal Interpretation of Rules.
6th folder "Animals" : formerly entitled "Wildlife" because that was one of the sample folders on my new laptop and it amused me to put pictures of my dogs in it next to the Wildebeests or Thompson's gazelles or whatever they were. I felt that a little hard time on the savannah would make the dogs more appreciative of their cushy life here.
6th photo: Oreo. July 2008. Oreo belongs to someone else. (Zat is net meyh ket.) This photo was taken 6 months ago (appropriate) at a friend's lake house. Not her cat either. Lake House Friend Susan and Cat Friend Loren were both members of the team (me too) that went on our Presbytery's Honduras Mission trip last June. We all gathered at Lake House in July to debrief and re-une, eat, water-ski, swim, eat, look at pictures, etc. Loren brought Oreo because we considered him our mascot, because...
In May we had all gathered at fearless leader Rev. Fred's church to pack the crates of supplies and equipment for the trip. Families and friends participated in packing and then we all sat down to dinner and then Communion, a very moving experience in such a small and informal group. After dinner the kids ran around outside and Loren's younger brother found Oreo wandering, weak, and pitiful on the church grounds. Since the kitten was dehydrated, and tiny, a search was conducted for mama cat and other kittens, but none were found. Loren's family took the kitten home, and kitty's health and prospects were of much concern to Loren during the trip (okay, us too).
All of this explains why Oreo was at the Lake House. But the reason I have a picture of him (more like 6 or 8) is that he was appallingly cute and was at that precise moment playing with a giant bug. How could I not?


Possible Interpretation of Rules:
Folder #6 AFTER the "Date Taken" folders: Family
Surprisingly, there is no "Me" folder, so this ended up here.
Photo #6: pre-haircut mugshot. January 2009. Whenever I'm contemplating a change (house or self) I take some Before photos so that when InStyle or People wants to do that photo spread I'll be ready, you betcha.
Before pictures of self must be sans-makeup, in bad light, with uninspired expression, thereby maximizing the After effect. The left side of my face truly would have created maximum Beforage since it's sporting dermatitis (again). But I decided that it was about the Hair, not the Face, so there was my out. (See what I mean? Always an Out).
This particular look (taken 2 weeks ago) is the shattered remains of my pre-missiontrip haircut in May, which was quite kicky and carefree at its inception but had been rendered much less so by the predations of overgrowth, DIY trimming, and rancid degeneration of abandoned color and highlights. I surrendered to gray about a year ago because I'm too lazy and too broke to maintain the red I like.
I am happy that this is the Before picture.
BONUS: this gives me a justification to post my little slideshow of the NEW kicky and carefree 'do. A sample at left in my ID photo.
Proper After photos are taken in good light, with working-it-girl! expressions, and as much makeup as my irritable skin will allow.


  1. You've got a very nice profile! Wow, your house is gorgeous, even if it is a money pit. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I saw the photos from your mission trip. So humbling. I appreciated your decision to photo the glue-sniffing. Such despair.

  2. THE Ann! ANN commented me.. I am a gushing fangirl. YAY!
    I should be more circumspect when the subject is despair.

  3. LOVE the new 'do!! And your pic of the Tigrrrrrl cracked me up. Thanks for stopping my bloggity blog!!

  4. Thank you!
    They like me! They really like me! i feel famous.
    Tigrrrrl is awesome, and her brain is even weirder than mine. the photo of The Him really was taken at a party, and he was not blinking due to camera flash. Bless his heart.