Saturday, February 14, 2009

Get Out Your Insulin

A Valentine's Soliloquy

I am going to take a break from the snark, just this once, to thank all my friends for being my friends,
[not really us. Although if it were, I'd be the girl in the middle.]
and also to my family for being my family,
[not really us. Probably.] photo by Gregory Perez
click photo link to KEXP Blog.
and to both groups for putting up with me. I acknowledge my many flaws, among them

saying unkind things,
forgetting important things a LOT,
saying I will do things and then not,
being loud and angry,
being loud and happy,
being loud in general,
saying embarrassing things that make others cringe,
saying vulgar things that should make me cringe,
oversharing in general, [this blog is an attempt to divert some of that from y'all]
being a slob,
making everything I do wrong someone else's fault,
rarely admitting when I'm wrong,
creating needless drama,
talking about my dogs all the time,
saying things that sound like I'm one-upping you,
talking during movies,
talking while I'm eating,
talking when I should be doing something else
going on and on about stuff ....

Okay we don't have time to finish this list here.

This is not a substitute for trying to improve my behavior. I'm just saying thank you, and I'll try harder, and I love you all and don't deserve you, and I know it.

I would like to say to those friends who have stayed around for a long time (though you may often wonder why you have): one of the joys of growing up is having friendships that can be measured in decades. It still astounds me whenever I think of it. Such friendships are rare, and I savor them all. Thank you.

[also not me. But it should be.] photo by Emilie Wood. Click on image. Go look at more of her gorgeous photos

Gotta go. I've got something in my eye.


  1. I object to the "slob" sobriquet (spelling?. A slob is dirty. You are just not as bothered by disorganization as some other people. the mother

  2. Sorry for the "Anonymous". I can never figure out how this thing works! MOM