Friday, February 13, 2009

Back in the Saddleblog

Brief but ghastly and violent bout of something (food poisoning? flu? cholera?) silenced me for a few days. (NOTHING can shut me up for very long.) As I'm too weak to type -

no, seriously.

(Exhibit A)

I'll stick to pictures, mostly. Just for today.
Exhibit B: Define"promotional."

"Promotional Ficus"
1. It was at the very back of the SupahWa'Mart
2. Between the Plastic Slippers Final Sale and the cargo door to the Way, Way Back (Authorized Personel Only),
3. On a shelf containing 2 other lonely ficii, and nothing else,
4. With no explanatory signage, posters... nothin.

So, help me out here...?

Continuing Features:

Yesterday's Shews: gaga-geometric canvas sneakers.(a.k.a. Barbie Bowling Shoes). Comfy and perky.
Mood Implications: Perky, "Look at my sassy li'l self!" attention- seeking; or, conversely, "very bad day ahead, these might sustain me."

Today's OoA: B/W photo of Grampa Alberto and family.
Coral Gables, Florida. c.1942(?).
That's Daddy on the right. The little scamp.
[Edit: he does not have a black eye. Bad photo of photo]

Exhibit A is an illustration from The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart (publ. 1910)


  1. I'm glad you feel better but I will be up all night pondering the promotional ficus.

    xoxo, SG