Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Long, Dark, Nap-time of the Soul

Sunday afternoon is naptime. Sundays are in a different space-time continuum than other days: you can nap for three or four hours and wake up and it's still not suppertime.
Every nap-moment is 24k gold. Just so you know that I am sacrificing precious napping minutes posting this.
"Oh, you really shouldn't," you say. "Really. Please."


Before I go to my not-eternal rest, I give you two totally unrelated items.

Appearances to the contrary, this is not something I ordered by mistake at a sushi bar. Sushi looks waaaaaay better than this, and I'm not just saying that 'cause I like it.

Exhibit A.

This, good friends, is SCIENCE. By resident (mad and rad) scientists Tigrrrl and Me. On the left, meet Model of Animal Cell. Right, Model of Plant Cell.

Exhibit A (1): ANIMAL CELL

Not quite clear enough... let me adjust the magnification here... Aah. Better.

Cell membrane (saran wrap) CHECK
Nucleus (grapefruit slice) CHECK
Nucleolus (green olive) CHECK
Cytoplasm (peach gelatin) CHECK...

Also included in this smorgasbord are peanuts, mandarin orange slices, gumdrops, wild rice, spaghetti and a few of those little hot peppers from a bottle of pepper vinegar.
Those were the ribosomes, I think. No...mitochondria.

Exhibit A (2): PLANT CELL
Wait... let's get a closeup of Plant Cell...

Nucleus (lime slice. --lower left. The lime was a little gnarly, so it fell apart. This may indicate cancer.) CHECK
Nucleolus (black olive) CHECK
Chloroplasts (pumpkin seeds dyed food coloring) CHECK
Vacuole (grapefruit section) CHECK
Golgi Bodies (flat rice noodles) CHECK
Endoplasmic Reticulum (wiggly rice noodles) CHECK
Cell wall (brown tissue paper) CHECK.
Cytoplasm (grape gelatin) CHECK

These have been sitting in my freezer for...well, a while. Let's not go into that. Mostly they were just too cool to throw away at first. That and I couldn't stomach taking their photos when they were newly formed because they were gelatin and that was just too disturbingly...glisteny.

So I saved them just for you.
Homeschooling is awesome.

And in closing, our regular feature...
You want another look at those SHEWS
Today's Shews: western stitched flats by Mootsies Tootsies. a.k.a. HA!chacha Redneck New Yorkers
Mood Implications: Outta my way; or I-can-just-sit-here-and-still-be-dancin.
These were rechristened last night when me and my friend Holly were looking at them and her sister said hey, they're red and black, and I turned my tootsies to this fetching pose and said, "No, they're red-and-yellow-and-black-and white......"
Whereupon Holly and I looked at each other and sang in unison, "They are precious in His sight!"
(Church can have that effect on some people.)
So these are now my Jesus Loves the Little Children shoes.
And yes I wore them to church this morning, because after all I was ushering.

Nightie Night.

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