Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feminine Mystique

I took this photo a while ago and then forgot to use it. Or something else became more interesting.

Exactly, you say. Pointedly.

My amusement began at the checkout line at the SupahWa'Mart. I noticed a theme amongst my purchases. So when I got home and unloaded everything, I set up this little still life.

I call it Time of the Month Club. Coming soon to an FTD Florist near you.


  1. Rae, i'm never really sure what that means. Does that mean, "okay, funny but meh," or "inappropriate, but whatever," or something else?

  2. How about the "What up with this?" club or the "Why am I suddenly and robustly such a b***h?" club or "And I suppose, God, that I somehow deserve this!" club or "Freak. Another round of Spikes because my hormones are completely whacked and I'm contemplating jumping off a tall building." club? But "Time of the Month" club? Jen... I'd not have thought it of you.

  3. That is fantastic! Throw in a bottle of wine and a cheeecake and you'll make a mint! oooh... mints!

  4. Lizy: Little cranky, are we? Do I need to call FTD?

    Joanie: I'm more of a gin'n'tonic sort, but I'm thinking the LARGE bottle of Amaretto would go well with this bouquet...