Sunday, April 12, 2009


(Very) early this morning I was up, prowling for coffee and preparing for the day. I turned on some music.

This was the first song that greeted me on Easter morning. I have been singing it all day.

No hay que temer si sola no estoy
La vida nunca es facil pero se a donde voy
Siempre llena de preguntas asi es como soy
Pase cada momento buscando algo en que creer
There is no fear, if I'm not alone
Life is never easy but I know where I'm going
Always full of questions like this because I am
Passing every moment searching for something I believe in
Desde la oscuridad
veo el sol de un nuevo dia
Naciendo en mi
Desde la oscuridad
el amor me a salvado
Ha sido de ti
Out from the darkness
I see the sun of a new day
Being born in me
Out from the shadows
the love that has saved me
was given by you
Vuelvo a empezar de nuevo otra vez
Con tu mano en la mia mas fuerte estare
Quizas mi paso es lento pero yo llegare
Caminemos juntos quiero compartir
El milagro que has hecho en mi
I return to try anew one more time
With your hand in mine I will be stronger
Sometimes my step is slow but I will arrive
We walk together, I want to share
the miracle that has been made in me
Por siempre, por siempre me aferro a la luz de tu amor
Por siempre, por siempre me aferro a la luz
Por siempre, por siempre me aferro a la luz de tu amor

For ever, for ever I am held fast by the light of your love
For ever, forever I am held fast
For ever, forever I am held fast by the light of your love

Desde la Oscuridad, by Gloria Estefan Click title to listen.

(Thanks Mom, for help with the translation.)

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  1. That's really beautiful! Lyrics mean a lot to me. If a song doesn't go with it's lyrics, no matter how nice the tune, I won't like it. And likewise if the tune doesn't match the lyrics.

    May I confess something? Jane Parker Huber songs in the Hymnbook at church sound like really really bad poetry to me. Stilted rhymes that are forced into PC language and all have exactly and precisely the same message. It's not that I don't agree with the message (peace and justice, peace and justice, peace and justice), they just don't do anything for me. Why can't we have Gloria Estefan stuff instead?