Friday, April 17, 2009

Today My Jurisdiction Ends Here

I've been way too preachy lately. I'll give that a rest.

All the other Home-Family-and-Isn't Life-Strange blogs that I read seem to have some themed feature, like "Thousand Word Tuesday" and "Haiku Holiday" and so on. Since I can't remember to participate in those, I've created my own.

Manic Monday was too obvious a choice, and besides, then I'd have Susanna Hoffs' adenoidal lisp twanging through my head all day, and I can do without that.

May I introduce


When I woke up this morning, I did not know that today would be the day on which all the crayons


  1. Fine. You can have the OCD on Fridays. I'll take the mania and get something USEFUL done. Like learning Welsh. (I attempted that once.) And reading until 2am, then thinking about what I read until 4am, then sleeping all the way up to 6am and then getting up and having coffee and learning some more Welsh. (Hey, the plan was to go to Wales. I wanted to impress. I remember nothing, so don't ask.) I must say, I do like the way you grouped the colors. Very nice. Now, go rearrange some piles of stuff. Good girl.

  2. Holy Moly. I totally get it...savor that illusion of control, color AND sharpness!